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ffmpegX Documentation

  • The tools tab includes a series of post-processing tools for further treatment of your encoded media.

  • DVD4 Tool (DVD > DVD4GB compression tool)
  • This tool is for the registered version only (click here to Register). Faster than dvd2one, it uses the M2VRequantiser engine (with kind authorization from, achieving compression of a VOB file larger than 4GB into 4GB without reencoding. To use this tool, proceed as follows:
    • Extract your source into a VOB file, with one video stream and one or two AC3 audio streams (MTR can do it by selecting Title/Chapter mode).
    • Choose the VOB file in the 'Browse' field
    • Select the AC3 audio track number to retain in the first pulldown menu (eg if you extracted stream 4, choose 4)
    • If you want to keep two audio streams, select the second AC3 audio track number in the second pulldown menu (if you extracted stream 5, choose 5). Otherwise leave the second pulldown menu to "None".
    • Click Go.
  • The output of this tool is a DVD folder (containing VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS) ready to burn with Toast in DVD mode. The "Keep elementary streams" checkbox (ffmpegX menu in the Apple bar) is taken into account, letting you retrieve the compressed .m2v and .ac3 elementary streams (useful if you want to author in DVD Studio Pro or Sizzle and add chapter markers or other audio tracks / subtitles before mastering). For now only AC3 audio is supported. (If you select a non-existent audio track or a track which is not in AC3 format, the process will stop with the error "Unable to read filename.ac3"). More options for this tool will be added soon.

    You can also use this tool on a VOB file smaller than 4GB. In that case, it will get authored into VIDEO_TS (with selected audio tracks) without any recompression.

  • This tool allows to author a mpg file (mpeg-1 or mpeg-2) as VCD, SVCD or DVD according to the choice selected in the "Author as..." popup button. Also applies the "Split mpg" parameter. When authoring to DVD, you can also select (in the "Subtitle" field) a subtitle file in text-based format (.srt, .sub, .ssa, .smi, .rt, .txt, .aqt, .jss, .js formats are recognized). The resulting DVD folder will include the imaged subtitles as fully selectable DVD subtitles (you can use the Subtitles button in your remote control to switch them on/off). You may choose the subtitle font, size and text encoding.
  • Here is more detail about the authoring formats:
    • VCD: authors the mpeg file as VCD 2.0. Resulting files are movie.mpg.bin and movie.mpg.cue. To burn with Toast, just drop the .bin file in the VCD tab (ignore the .cue file). To burn with a cdrdao-based burner like MMB, load the .cue file and burn. ffmpegX only supports authoring of a single file into VCD. To author multiple files into a VCD image, use VCD Builder.
    • SVCD: authors the mpeg file as SVCD. Resulting files are movie.mpg_01.img, movie.mpg_02.img and movie.mpg.toc. To burn with Toast, drop the two .img files in the XA multitrack mode window. To burn with cdrdao-based burners like MMB, load the .toc file and burn. ffmpegX only supports authoring of a single file into SVCD. To author multiple movies into a SVCD image, use VCD Builder.
    • DVD: authors the mpeg file as DVD. Resulting files are a folder named movie.mpg.DVD (contaning VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS). To burn with Toast, drop the .DVD/ folder in the DVD-UDF mode window. To burn with Apple Disk Utility, create first a disk image file with the DVDImg tool. To preview the DVD with Apple DVD Player, select the .DVD/VIDEO_TS folder. ffmpegX only supports authoring a single file into a DVD. To author multiple movies into a DVD image, or set chapters and menus, use Sizzle.
  • The "Split mpg" option will split the file in N chunks. Useful to create multiple sets of disk images for multiple CD burning. For mpeg2enc encoding the option "Split in AUTO chunks" is available and will cut the stream automatically when CD media size is exceeded (size as specified in the bitrate calculator CD media type popup: eg. "80 min mode-2", "74 min mode-1", etc, OR (whichever is smaller) as specified by a size in MB as manually entered in the size field of the bitrate calculator, eg. "100 MB").

  • MUX Tool (Combine mpeg or avi separate video & audio files)
  • This tool allows to mux input video mpeg-1 or mpeg-2 elementary streams and and one or two audio ac3 or mp2 audio streams using the selected muxing profile (Mux as.. popup button), and apply "Sync" parameter (audio delay in msec), and subsequently authors as VCD, SVCD or DVD according to "Author as.." popup button choice. Also applies the "Split mpg" parameter if selected. If you want to author only (an already muxed file), then use the "Author" tool described above.
  • This tool can also be used to mux an AVI file video track with a mp3 or ac3 audio file (wav or mp2 are also accepted but will be automatically converted to mp3), or to add another audio track to an existing AVI file (AVI +audio)..

  • DEMUX Tool (extract video and audio files from MPG or VOB)
  • This tool allows to demux mpeg-1 or mpeg-2 files into elementary .mpv and .mpa streams, or to demux VOB files into .m2v and .ac3 streams.

  • JOIN Tool (joins two AVI or MPG files)
  • This tool allows to join two .mpg or .avi files encoded at same size, bitrate, codec, etc. Needs "2 x total size" free disk space to run.

  • FIX Tool (repairs broken AVI files)
  • This tool allows to fix .avi files with a corrupted index.

  • IMG Tool (creates .dmg disk images of DVD)
  • This tool allows to convert a /DVD/ folder containing a DVD VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS structure to a .dmg disk image in UDF format which can be used for burning with Disk Utility.

  • PULLDOWN Tool (adds 3:2 pulldown signals to NTSC FILM m2v files)
  • This tool allows to add 3:2 pulldown flags to .m2v elementary mpeg-2 streams encoded in NTSC FILM format with ffmpeg engine, so as they can be opened in DVD Studio Pro. Please note that mpeg2enc engine already supports 3:2 pulldown.

  • SVCD/DVD Tool (reauthors one or more SVCD as one DVD without re-encoding)
  • This tool is for the registered version only (click here to Register). It allows in a single click to remux, resample and reauthor SVCD (or VCD) to DVD without re-encoding. Select a SVCD or VCD .mpg file (or a .bin image, or a folder containing many of them - you can even mix VCD, CVDs and SVCDs .mpgs or .bins in the same folder) and you will obtain a /DVD/ folder ready for burning in Toast DVD mode. The audio is automatically resampled at 48000 Hz. Please note that the image size of SVCD video is not DVD compliant and will not be accepted by about 30% of players. Check compatibility list to see if your player can play "dvd-vcd" or "dvd-svcd".
  • You can preview the resulting VIDEO_TS folder with the ffmpegX "Play" button. Burn the resulting /DVD/ folder with Toast in DVD mode. (Make sure you have enough disk space to hold twice the size of your source mpegs before running this tool).

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